Panthers win the first House Competition

Panthers win the first House Competition

Our house system gives us the opportunity to get our students involved in a variety of activities, from sport to art and across all academic studies. It also lets us reward students who demonstrate good behaviour, keeping the school tidy and for outstanding homework.

Last year the Jaguars (Blue Team) were the school winners and all the students got together the first week of October to compete for the top position. The winner of the day was the Panthers, so they have started at the top of the points system for the coming year.

Kick rounders seemed to be the favourite among the older students, while the Grade 1 made some beautiful masks. Later in the day they split into groups to make the tallest tower possible, a great opportunity for teamwork and leadership, some were so good they might develop into the country’s future architects. 

Students can see the house system on display in the Primary Block. The next competition is for the boys football, but we also have to come this year sports day and competitions in art, swimming and Quran recital among others. 

We are excited to see which house will take on the mighty Jaguars!