Happy New Year from the International Schools Partnership

Happy New Year from the International Schools Partnership
As our parents know, Reach British School is proud to be a part of the International Schools Partnership. With schools across Europe, Mexico and the Gulf, we are one of a family of schools whose core purpose is to inspire your curious, creative and confident child to flourish. 

Steve Brown, Managing Director of ISP, wishes all pupils and parents an exciting and prosperous 2017, and gives more insight into the development of it’s family of schools. “As we start 2017 after a term of many engaging and exciting events led by children and staff in our schools, I would like to recount a meeting I had with a well-known and well-respected British educationalist. In addition to being very interested in what we were creating at ISP, he asked me a very simple question. How are we setting about making the ISP family of schools special?  My response was as follows.

Our partnership already includes some great schools and excellent, dedicated teachers. This gives us a very strong base to build on.  However, we want to get to the position where every single school within ISP becomes the school of choice for parents in its local neighbourhood. That way we know we are doing a good job. To do this we need to

focus on each individual student.

This means two things. Firstly, that every student is learning to his or her potential, irrespective of ability.  Secondly, and equally importantly, that we are providing all our students with experiences that will result in them becoming mature, confident, balanced adults who are able to be successful in an increasingly international world. Lofty aims indeed but when we can truly say we have achieved those aims we will know we will have created something unique. The way I believe we can get there starts by having an open culture where each school is effectively self-reviewing their own performance, there is an open-door approach to classroom learning where feedback is regarded as a right of every teacher, where we are being responsible about Continued Professional Development and where, as a family of schools, we are sharing our experiences about how to do things even better.

At ISP, we have already started that journey. I am confident that with the commitment and teamwork from all we can create something that we are all increasingly proud to be a part of. I look forward to exciting challenges for 2017.”

Steve Brown

Managing Director, International Schools Partnership