International Schools Partnership

Reach British School joined the International Schools Partnership in January 2016, a family of 15 schools across the Middle East, Europe and Central America which puts the child’s learning at the core of its growth. This is a growing group of international schools whose head office in the UK, and when you join our school you gain access to the experience of our colleagues from our sister schools, as well as the highest calibre of the ISP academic leaders who drive student development and school improvement.

ISP core purpose

  • ISP has a passion for learning that leads to your child’s success in the classroom and beyond
  • We inspire your curious, creative and confident child to flourish
  • We equip your child with the knowledge, skills and motivation to succeed
  • We nurture your child to develop the character and values to thrive in a challenging world

“At the International Schools Partnership, we share the passion you hold to help your child grow and learn, to be able to contribute to the world in which they will soon find their place. Your child will be inspired to be curious and creative, as we equip them with the abilities they will need to nourish such talents. At an International Schools Partnership school, your child will also develop key skills and build confidence. These are the key stepping stones which will allow them to thrive in their future and far beyond any classroom.” Christine Simmonds, Group Director of Schools, ISP Middle East


You can find out more about the group and our sister schools on the ISP website