Achievement Team

The Reach British School Achievement Team aims to support every student to reach their full potential. The Achievement Team strives to ensure that students at Reach British School achieve positive outcomes and make academic progress. The goal of the Achievement Team is to reduce the barriers to learning and enrich learning opportunities.

The Achievement team offers support for students in the classroom environment, working with the class teacher to tailor provisions to address a specific need. This can be for a variety of reasons including Specific Learning Difficulties, Special Educational Needs, English as a second or additional language, and Social Needs. The team is available to assist and guide teachers and parents in planning and coordinating the best support possible for all students.

The Achievement Team staff:

Lorna Hayes

Hannah Taylor (Social Worker)

Shane Ruane (EAL Teacher)

Ms, Lorna Hayes

Ms, Hannah Taylor
(Social Worker)

Mr, Shane Ruane
(EAL Teacher)

Ms, Rosita Sabandal (SENCO Learning Assistant)


Ms, Rosita Sabandal
(SENCO Learning Assistant)

School Nursing staff 

Pamela Rose C. Bala
Rexy V. Carreon
Mary Margarete P. Serrano

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