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How to Apply

The Admissions Process

Reach British School is a non-selective school offering the British Curriculum of England to students from ages 3-15 (FS1 to Year 10). Opened in 2014, our modern campus has been designed with our learners at its heart. At our school your child’s learning needs are met by qualified and experienced teachers who encourage high academic standards alongside social development, both in the classrooms and beyond. Our mission is to offer students a meaningful education, equipping them with the knowledge and education for the successful future.

Students will be placed per their age on 1st September, or according to their transfer certificate if they are joining us from a school inside the UAE. Each year we add a year group to our school. In September 2018 we will open Year 11, the start of our iGCSE course.

Age on 1st September

Year Group






Year 1


Year 2


Year 3


Year 4


Year 5


Year 6


Year 7


Year 8


Year 9


Year 10

“The concept and practice of inclusive education have gained importance in recent years. Internationally, the term is increasingly understood more broadly as a reform that supports and welcomes diversity amongst all learners. Inclusive education is not a marginal issue, but is central to the achievement of high-quality education for all learners and the development of more inclusive societies. Inclusive education is essential to achieve social equity and is a constituent element of lifelong learning.”

UNESCO Policy Guidelines on Inclusion in Education

Moving to Abu Dhabi from abroad? Click here for our worldwide comparison chart to see what Year Group your child is in. Grade Comparison Chart


Applying to Reach British School

Each application is considered individually. During the admissions assessment we will consider ability to access the curriculum through language, behaviour among peers, and additional learning needs. These are placement tests to give an indication of performance level and language proficiency, and are not academic entrance tests. They support our placement of students in a way that ensures classes are diverse across gender, language, national status, and additional learning needs.


Step 1

Complete the enquiry form online to start enrolment


Step 2

The admissions office will contact you for an assessment


Step 3

You will be contacted if we can offer a place to you


Step 4

You accept the offer and pay the 1,000 AED registration fee


You are invited to the school as part of the admissions process, and will meet the Head of Admissions, teaching staff and a member of the senior leadership team. All applications are accepted dependent on availability after re-enrolments and sibling applications. As well as a registration form we will ask you to supply documents including school records for the previous year and medical records. The school may request further documentation from the child’s previous school as required.  


Documents Required for Registration

  • Recent passport photograph
  • Colour copy of child’s passport
  • Colour copy of child’s UAE residence visa
  • Colour copy of child’s Emirates ID
  • Copy of child’s vaccination card
  • Copy of parent’s passport & Emirates ID (Father & Mother)
  • Copy of water or electricity bill OR apartment contract
  • Copy of UAE family book (UAE Nationals Only)
  • Copy of child’s last TWO school reports
  • eSIS number for the student if transferring from an Abu Dhabi school OR school transfer certificate if outside Abu Dhabi
  • Colour copy of child’s birth certificate, with the attestation needed if the child is born in Asia or Africa


Acceptance of a Place

Once a place is offered, we ask for acceptance within 3 weeks with payment of the registration fee and the return of the school’s Acceptance Form. This document sets out the primary contract with the school and the financial obligations regarding notice and withdrawal, to which parents are required to agree. Once a place is accepted, an entry will be made on the school’s admissions register.



The documents will have all been submitted and the school fees should be paid for the term before the first day of school. Placement of our students in their new class is carried out by the Heads of Foundation Stage, Primary and Secondary in a way that ensures classes are diverse across gender, language, national status, and additional learning needs. You will be given the contact details of your new form teacher, a house colour and information about starting the school. We look forward to welcoming you on your first day.

Register now online

Should you have any questions please contact our Admissions Office by email or by telephone during office hours. Once you have been offered a place you will be contacted by the Registrations Office, who can be contacted on 025822030, ext 202.


Charlotte Stephenson
Head of Admissions

Telephone: 025822030, extension 225

Mobile: 0508521801 

Extra-Curricular Activities
At Reach British school we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of Extra Curricular Activities as a way of ensuring that all children can make the most out of the programme.
UAE Culture
The UAE is a truly international mix of nationalities from all over the world.
Teaching and Learning
Teaching, Learning and Assessment are three interconnected processes which help support the teacher (and parents) in providing the most relevant and applied techniques to support individual children in their learning.
House System
At Reach British School we aim to encourage team spirit. In today’s global market we also believe that instilling a healthy sense of competition in our children is vital.