Reach British School Video
Civil Defence Evacuation Drill

Reach British School were the proud hosts to a Drill Incident Evacuation by Abu Dhabi Civil Defence on Sunday.

The evacuation by the teachers and children went like clockwork, all of the students walked to the muster point quickly and quietly and were a credit to the school.

The teachers marshalled all the children safely and followed our well practised school evacuation procedures without fault.  As instructed by the Civil Defence Department, one child and and a supervising teacher were positioned in a refuge area in the stair well.

The canteen workers acted as injured parties during the incident and waited out of sight for the emergency services to attend.

The main school evacuated and registered under 4 minutes which was a great time. The Early Years block were even better and their time was under 3 minutes.

The call went to 999 at 9am and the Fire Service arrived shortly after, followed by the Ambulance Service and Police.  As part of the incident drill, it was our school nurses that were called to tend to the wounded after being evacuated by the Fire Service and did a fantastic job.

The Civil Defence found our teacher and student in the refuge area and successfully brought them out for medical treatment.

The children were able to meet the Firemen and where delighted to have the opportunity to try on their helmets and have pictures taken.

The Brigadier present at all times was delighted with the overall outcome.

Well done to all the staff and children at Reach British School!