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House System

At Reach British School we aim to encourage team spirit, and we believe instilling a healthy sense of competition to our children is a vital part of their development. It is important to us that this is filtered across the school through the curriculum, our sports, and our behaviour management and rewards systems to ensure all our children have the opportunity to succeed.

To enable this, we organise activities that test the physical, intellectual and creative elements of school life to promote critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication skills in our students.

Every student is assigned a house colour on enrolment, so they can feel part of the school community from day one, as well as by class or year group. Students accumulate house points throughout the year and the winning house at the end of the year is awarded the House Cup.

Each house is led by two house captains selected from the senior student body for their leadership and skills. Our four houses and their House Captains are


Mustang (Red)

House Leader  
House Captains Fatima Abdullah
Awadh Mohsin Alhelali


Cougars (Yellow)

House Leader  
House Captains Wajeeh Ahmed
Raneem Rafat Awadalla


Panthers (Green)

House Leader  
House Captains Maya El Fouly
Kasem Mohammed Almokdad


Jaguars (Blue)

House Leader  
House Captains Celia Theodoron
Mubarak Al Braiki


Extra-Curricular Activities
At Reach British school we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of Extra Curricular Activities as a way of ensuring that all children can make the most out of the programme.
UAE Culture
The UAE is a truly international mix of nationalities from all over the world.
Teaching and Learning
Teaching, Learning and Assessment are three interconnected processes which help support the teacher (and parents) in providing the most relevant and applied techniques to support individual children in their learning.
House System
At Reach British School we aim to encourage team spirit. In today’s global market we also believe that instilling a healthy sense of competition in our children is vital.