Meera Market

Meera Marketplace

On Wednesday 24 th April, students from Year 1 took part in a new and exciting workshop
at Reach British School. The workshop was called ‘Meera’s Marketplace’ and was operated
by LifeBox UAE.
They participated in a range of activities which were all linked to the curriculum.
Firstly, the students took-part in an archaeological dig. They completed a Risk Assessment
and dressed appropriately. When ready they took their small shovels and started to dig.
The students found a range of different objects from the past. The objects were made
from a range of materials, i.e. clay, metal, ceramic and organic. After having found all
objects they took part in a discussion about what they think the objects might have been
and what they were used for. They then sorted everything according to the material it was
made from.
The second part of the workshop involved the students using their entrepreneurial skills
to set up a stall in the marketplace. The students traded items for stall supplies and then
‘sold’ them within their stall at a profit. They used group work to create their stall, menu
and organise items for sale.
It was very enjoyable for the children and a great experience.