School House System

At Reach British School we aim to encourage team spirit, and we believe instilling a healthy sense of competition to our children is a vital part of their development. It is important to us that this is filtered across the school through the curriculum, our sports, and our behaviour management and rewards systems to ensure all our children have the opportunity to succeed.

To enable this, we organise activities that test the physical, intellectual and creative elements of school life to promote critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication skills in our students.

Every student is assigned a house colour on enrolment, so they can feel part of the school community from day one, as well as by class or year group. Students accumulate house points throughout the year and the winning house at the end of the year is awarded the House Cup.

Each house is led by a captain selected from the senior student body for their leadership and skills. Currently we do not have House Captains, but the school have selected Head and Deputy Boy and Girl. And also Lead Perfect.
They are:

Primary Heads

Head Girl
Audrey Arellano

Head Boy
Asad Lodhi

Primary Deputies

Deputy Head Girl

Mariam El Obaid

Deputy Head Boy
Mohamed Ihab

Primary Lead Prefect

Lead Prefect
Dania Fawad

Lead Prefect
Gonza Malaika Kisoro

Lead Prefect
Ayham Rafat Mohmoud Awadallah

Lead Prefect
Ahmed Adil Wardani Abdelzahir