School Bus

Emirates Transport (ET) has been chosen to manage the Reach British School transportation services, as a company that is committed to providing the best quality of transport while maintaining the highest level of safety, outstanding customer service and positive employee relations. All ET buses are of international standards, with safety specifications per local regulatory authorities. ET is committed to continuous research and development of safety features, and features on their buses include:

GPS Tracking
Electronic Attendance System
Video Surveillance System
A Panic Button
A Sleeping Child Check Button
A Control Room overseeing all bus routes


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Bus drivers and attendants are regularly trained to ensure that they handle each and every child with utmost care, strictly following all safety features. By encouraging more students to use our transport service, the school and Emirates Transport also work together towards a greener environment. No matter your location in the city, we offer bus routes all over the Abu Dhabi with many areas having multiple routes. These areas include:

Abu Dhabi Island | Khalifa City | Shakhbout City | Al Reef | Baniyas | Al Falah
Mafraq | Al Shawamekh  | Al Shamkha  | Mushrif  | Mohamed Bin Zayed City

If you have any questions or would like to contact the Emirates Transport team:

Emirates Transport Representative: Mr. Amro
Office: Reach British School Transportation Office

Telephone: 025822030 Extension 215