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“For the past 5 years, I have had the privilege to be part of the Reach British School Team. Reach provides a beautiful, learning-rich and modern environment to enhance teaching indoors as well as outdoors. The international setting creates many opportunities to embrace other cultures and promotes tolerance, respect and multi-cultural experiences.When asked, children will agree that they enjoy coming to school, that they feel respected, safe at school and that their opinions are valued.As part of the Early Years Team I have the privilege to shape children in their early childhood learning to become independent, creative, critical thinkers and innovators for the future.Working as a teacher at Reach British School, I am constantly challenged to keep up with constant educational changes through ongoing professional development. This has equipped me with the experience and skills to support Amazing Learning in my Early Years Classroom.”</p> <p>Thank you Reach British School for the opportunity to be part of this Global setting.
Mellissa Bodenstein
EYFS Teacher
“It is my fourth year as a FS 2 Teacher in EYFS at Reach British School. What a great experience to teach in the Foundation Stage! The students reach us with limited English Language and social skills and then they amaze me day by day with their development in all areas. They learn about healthy eating and table manners. How to be a good friend and how to share toys and space. They develop physically and emotionally through play and experimenting with different media. As an EYFS</p> <p>Teacher I can see immediate improvement in their development. That is very rewarding. The team is amazing and high standards are kept at all times. Every teacher works together within the team and is always willing to assist another. Each student is treated with respect, love and encouraged to achieve their highest ability. I can highly recommend EYFS at Reach British School.”
Jacomina Bruyn
EYFS Teacher
“Reach British School has a supportive, inclusive Primary department, with our amazing Head of Primary and great teachers who work collaboratively to produce the best teaching for our children. Not only are we a collaborative team but a family who support and guide each other. We take pride in our children and place them at the heart of everything we do because without them we are nothing but ordinary people!”
Seneisha Brewster-Ryan
Primary Teacher
“Working as an English teacher in Reach British School has been an enriching and satisfying experience. I have always had a love for my subject, particularly for its ability to allow us to express ourselves and communicate with others. These are aspects of English which I relish exploring with students. Students here in Reach have a keen desire to learn and improve. I find this is particularly true with regards to English, as they appreciate its value and worth in their future. Parents also play a key role in the success of their child’s education, and this is evident in Reach British School. Since joining the school, I have been struck by the genuine enthusiasm and interest parents take in their child’s education. The encouragement they offer is a huge support to our role as teacher and motivates their child to apply themselves and work to the best of his or her ability. In addition to this, the English department here at Reach is comprised of teachers who are dedicated and passionate about their subject. Together we have a wealth of experience, and an in-depth knowledge of a variety of different exam boards and curriculums. The interdependent, collaborative atmosphere in the department is not just stimulating as a professional but allows us to work together to get the very best from each of our students.”
Feenagh Davey
Secondary Teacher